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Pavement Maintenance

Don't let your investment deteriorate. With today's advances in pavement maintenance products, We're capable of bringing back beauty and longevity to any crumbling driveway or parking lot.

Maintenance Services

Pavement Repairs

Cut Out Patching

If your looking for a permanent pavement repair for areas that are "spiderwebbed" or "alligatored", We recommend cut out patching. This process includes removal and replacement of the damaged pavements and correction of failing sub-base. This type of repair leaves a flush transition from old to new pavement.

Scab Patching

Scab patching is the industry term for a free standing patch, that is installed right on top of the existing pavement surface. If cost is major concern or your just looking to buy some time we recommend this route. Loose damaged pavements are removed, the area is swept clean of dirt and debris, an SS1 tack is applied to the damaged area (adhesion promoter) and the pavement is poured right on top. While smoothing out the damaged pavements and filling the hole, this type of repair has a noticeable lip or edge where the new asphalt meets the ecxisting surface.

Pot Hole Patching

A good, temporary repair. Most people are pretty familiar with this process. We remove the loose debris, and fill the hole with asphalt. 

Crack Repair

Prevent Pavement Failures


Cracks in pavement allow moisture to penetrate and weaken the base material. A saturated base material will fail under load, leading to spiderwebbed or alligatored pavement failures. A dry, stable base material is very important during the winter months with during the freeze and thaw cycles.

Crack Banding


Crack banding is a preventive and corrective measure to ensure your driveway or parking lot will last for as long as possible. It helps to keep unwanted moisture out, as well as fills unsightly cracks, giving the pavement a professional, well kept look.